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Bond beyond bands

Posted by Ritika Nainta on August 25th, 2009


Ritika Nainta

An Article Published about Meh ! in Tribune India on Friendship Day ( 2nd August 2009 ) by – Manpriya Khurana.

Alas! Anybody who isn’t specifically anything, is a friend. How many of you can truly recall the ‘How I became buddy’ tale with even a single of the 536-odd friends dotting the Orkut or Facebook list? A friend is the most prized of all possessions and the one person whom we took the least thought about acquiring. On the day officially dedicated to friends, here’s asking the youth their random thoughts: is ‘Friends Forever’ a phrase or just a phase? Oh hey, what about the day? Is it an excuse number ninety-six to be with your mates or do friendships come with an expiry date?

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